Alright folks, here is Capn’ Jeff’s take on my brand new (well I say brand new, but I bought it second hand, brand new to me) whites trx pinpointer. I ask you allow me a few grammatical liberties to bring this review to you in the most comfortable of tones. I’ll tell you about the product, cover some features, and then hit you with personal opinions of my experience with it. With that being said lets dig right in.


Product: White’s TRX Bullseye Pinpointer

Size: 10″ long, 6.5 Oz

Power: 9v or 2-AA batteries (2-AA included)

Waterproof: IP 68 Certified up to 10′

Warranty: 2 years

Price: $149.95

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Capn’s Hooks

Buy Now On Amazon:  White’s TRX Bullseye Waterproof Pin-Pointer with Holster and Iron-On Patch – 800-0343

In the Box

In your box if you order online through the link above you will find the whites trx pinpointer, belt holster, instruction manual, sales registration (warranty),  and an iron on patch which I did not receive when I ordered mine, booooo.

The belt holster and the whites trx pinpointer both have a lanyard loop. The holster itself has a Velcro strap with a button for easily securing it to your belt. I like the general look of the orange and black design of the unit, maybe that is a little bit of the old Hawk pride in me.


Shell: The shell for the unit is pretty durable thick plastic. If you should happen to damage your shell or it just wears down over time from use then you can simply order a new shell.

The replacement shell comes with the speaker an LED light pre-installed and for $35.00 is a pretty good deal. Want one just for a back up? Get it here.

The shell also has inch markings on the side to help you determine how far down you are and how much further to your target, a nice little feature.

Highly visible orange battery cap makes keeping track of your whites trx pinpointer a cinch.

Concentrated Tip Detection: This is my personal favorite feature and was the selling point for me. The detection is all concentrated towards the tip. You can pick up signals with the back part of the shaft near the LED light, but the center part of the shaft is a dead zone.

This means when I have my tip up above the hole pointing down in and it’s beeping at me, I know that the beep is in the direction of the tip and not off to the side from the side of the unit picking up the signal. I like my pinpointer to well, you know, pinpoint.

I’m sure the Garrett Carrot is an amazing piece of machinery and loved by may who will come out to defend it, but as a guy starting out, the whites trx pinpointer felt like a no brainer for this feature alone. It has cut my recovery time down a lot. No more waving handfuls of dirt around in front of my main metal detector haha.

One Button Operation: One button to handle everything, simple and sleek.

Alerts: You can have either audio, vibration, or both forms to alert you of your desired target. The manual suggests choosing one or the other to save on battery life.

The unit will also alert you so as not to lose it. If you leave the unit on and idle for five minutes it will result in a series of long beeps every 15 seconds to help you locate it.

Auto Power-Off: If after five minutes you haven’t pressed the button to reset the lost alert the unit will automatically power off. Hopefully it is in your backseat in a box that you don’t hear and not in a field.

Frequency: The 12 kHz frequency of this unit will not interfere with any of your other metal detectors nearby.

Ground Balance: The whites trx pinpointer has a built in ground balance. Turn the unit on with it on the ground and it will “grab” the ground reading to accurately ground balance.

Target Ratcheting: Press the button once in the presence of a target (the same function in the absence of a target performs the ground balance) to ratchet in on strong target signals.

Overload Indicator: If you encounter an excessively large target the unit will let you know it is overloaded by a series of long responses.

Proportional Response: The unit will adjust the intensity of volume/speed up or down as you approach or pull away from the target all the way in to 1/4″. This can be helpful in understanding just how much further you have to go until you reach your desired target.

Waterproof: IP 68 certified waterproof up to 10′. This unit is completely submersible and capable of detecting in the rivers and shoreline. I’m personally pumped to get a chance to get mine in the river.

Good, Bad, the Ugly

Good: The whites trx pinpointer will pick up signals further out than any other pinpointer on the market in this price range. This isn’t hype talk there are plenty of videos proving this, if I had all the different kinds of pinpointers I would probably do my own and put it here. The target ratcheting and the fact that this unit is waterproof put it up there in the buy category for me. Throw in the optional batteries and you should be sold too 🙂

Bad: Two things that come to mind for this category, not deal breakers, more like a minor nuisance.

1. The LED light is almost pointless…you really only look at it as a power indicator whether your machine is on or not, you won’t be using it to locate anything in low lighting, that’s for sure.

2. This machine does have adjustable sensitivity, four settings to be exact. That isn’t bad you say, and I agree that is wonderful. What is bad is that the instruction manual doesn’t mention this at all. I had to find a video on YouTube to teach me how….the process is very simple, but knowing before hand would have been nice.

Ugly: As I have mentioned many times before I am a cheapskate. I do not like to spend my money, I do not like it on a boat, with a goat, in house, with a mouse. The price tag is going to leave a little bit of a bad taste in most people’s mouth.

You are getting the best pin pointer out there though (in my humble opinion) with the whites trx pinpointer. More depth, and more precise. If you are in the market for one, go ahead and get it, you won’t be disappointed. If the price is bothering you just go ahead and do what I do, make it count for the next to holidays that you and your significant other exchange gifts.


If you are in a position of needing a metal detecting pinpointer and you have the money to spend you won’t go wrong with the whites trx pinpointer. It is top of the line and covered by a two year warranty. I have watched/read enough articles and videos to give you the go ahead on this one confidently.

Get it ————-> Whites TRX Bullseye Pinpointer

As always in being direct and true with my audience, I will make money if you purchase products through links found on my website, this is at no extra cost to you. In regards to the previous sentence I want you to know I won’t try to mislead you either. I might tell you something inaccurate due to a lack of knowledge or experience, but I will do my best to avoid that. That is why the review section of this website is going to grow slowly, because I’m only going to be reviewing products that I have personally used and then let you know if they are good or junk. Bless my poor wife’s heart I do have another pinpointer that I will be reviewing on here in the junk section lol 🙂 She tried, it’s the thought that counts.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts on the whites trx pinpointer or any other unit you use. Let me know if I’m crazy or if you love your unit too. If you just want to share a story of you out dirt fishing you can do that to. Thanks for stopping by.

-Capn’ Jeff