You are now aboard the Tips and Tales page. This is the place to find useful tips for better metal detecting and tales of treasures long ago lost and waiting to be found. I must reiterate (and hopefully I can change this in a year or two) but I am unashamedly a novice. I will be relying on the good will of my fellow dirt diggers out there to help guide and steer the community on this page. Please share you best information with us and we can all grow together. I will post anything I learn and hopefully it can help someone else along the way.


Cap’n Jeff


Update: Please find what you’re looking for on the forum page most likely. I was under the impression that I could make posts on the pages when I made this page. I intended to have this be a rolling page of tips and tales in my metal detecting adventures. I am pretty sure now that I’m unable to do that and I would remove this page from the site if I weren’t so attached to that bear. Happy hunting.







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