Welcome one and welcome all. This is another fine metal detecting tale brought to you by your good buddy Capn’ Jeff. It feels like it has been a century since I have made a post, I think in reality it has been like two weeks. I had some family health issues that are a continuing situation and a trip to the mountains for vacation. I am sad to announce that my AT Max didn’t come in soon enough to make the trip. Now as for the title of the article….”The KKK, the Fuzz, And a Black Lady (Clickbait)”……..I tried to be as honest as possible it is clearly clickbait. While I am a terrible fisherman I am pretty confident in the clickbait and it’s ability to draw the masses like flies to my tales heh. I promise you will hear about all three if you only read on. I am still on the hunt for big time treasure, but I keep finding little oddities that urge me on.


The Ku Klux Klan was formed in Pulaski, Tennessee as a social club in 1866. They were responsible for all sorts of heinous crimes against recently freed men and women and supporters of the Republican party. They were domestic terrorists who believed they had an inherent superiority. The worst part about the KKK is the fact that they invoked God as their moral authority for carrying out their wicked deeds. I say to everyone concerned with the color of somebody else’s skin………good luck explaining to God your problem with his artistic tastes come judgement day.



Now with all of that being said, only a fool throws out history. This little token right here had my heart pumping. At first glance I thought I had some kind of amazing coin. I saw some Latin writing and a cross. I thought I was in the money, quite literally. I posted it to a Facebook group that specializes in identifying these sorts of things and within minutes was informed that it was a KKK token from 1915-1944 used to show good standing with the Klan. The writing is actually a mix between Latin and Gothic, “Non Silba Sed Anthar” It is to say, “Not self, but others.” This is accompanied by the words honor and duty. The coin also says without fear and without reproach. It is marked 1866 to commemorate the forming of the Klan.  It has a cross with the letters KIGY for “Klansman I Greet You or Klan Interests Guide You” A lot of fancy lofty talk for a group of terrorists. Oh well, pretty neat token to find none the less.

The Fuzz and the Black Lady

This next part of my adventure takes place in the projects in Huntington, WV. I was in the area for the aforementioned medical situation in my family and decided to take about an hour or so and try my luck with some of the city sidewalk area. I was outside of my family members house and just digging up change. Much to my dismay I hadn’t found any old change that I was hoping for, but the hunt itself is plenty of fun. I hear a woman from across the street, “Hey! Do you have permission to be there?” I tell her that I do. “Well, you are digging up their yard, you can’t be digging up people’s yards.” I tell her that it is my Uncle’s place. “You shouldn’t be digging up their yard, people pay taxes to have their place look nice. You should just go back to your home and dig up the yard, that’s ignorant. If my children weren’t out here I would tell you just how ignorant it is.” I thanked her for her concern and went back to digging. “We will see what you think of this when the cops get here!” At this point, with this article in mind I went ahead and snapped my picture of her calling the cops and chuckled to myself. “You don’t even live there, you need to go back where you live!” I asked if everyone on the porch lived at that house. (By this time there were about 8 people on the porch) “Yes everyone on this porch lives here!” Of course they do I thought to myself. I’m trying to make a point about people being at your house sometimes who don’t live there and I’m dealing with the one neighbor that has 8-10 people living at their house. I tried to think of a way to show her what a cool hobby this was by maybe showing her some of my finds……I immediately decided against it; I didn’t figure my KKK token would make the best ice breaker.

Hello Officer

The next five or ten minutes consist of me digging along and hearing “metal detecting” thrown in to the discussion across the street off and on. A cop rolls up and approaches me….

Cop: You live here?

Capn’: No

Cop: You have permission to be here?

Capn’: This is my Uncle’s place, I’m visiting a sick relative and he has a metal detector, he told me I could dig around his yard. I’m not sure what she is so excited about.

Cop: You taking pictures of them?

Capn’: When she said she was calling the cops I snapped a picture.

Cop: Well, there isn’t any law against taking pictures of people…I’m going to go talk to her.

I don’t know what all was said on the other side of the street, but he finished and got in his vehicle and left. She didn’t say much to me the rest of the time but I still felt hate rays gleaming from her eyes. I took my stuff back inside when I was finished and made my way to my car to go to the hospital.

She was in her vehicle as I approached mine and she pulled up beside me. “You really do know the people that live there don’t you?” I told her yes it was my Uncle’s place. She apologized a bunch of times and told me she just loved her neighbors and was again very sorry. I told her not to worry about it, that it wasn’t a big deal.

After talking to my Uncle later on after he had talked to her we all had a pretty good laugh. She is good friends with my Uncle and apparently a little over zealous in her defense of her neighbors……They told me when they were out of town on vacation she had called the cops on the guy they had getting their mail.

Honorable Mention

Also pictured were a play money token that I was unable to track down to a time period, a possible hem weight, and a 1930 wheat penny. I’m excited to get back to the grind with some morning digs after work and posting my tales on here for the world wide webs to read. Hope you enjoy the stories and hopefully we can find some silver or gold soon.

Be sure to check back often for my latest adventures and finds. If you have any of your own or possible places to hunt or treasure leads feel free to message me or leave them in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

-Capn’ Jeff