Yes, that is a sewer lid, yes, this was a crushing blow

Well friends………my beginners luck is running dry. I had some really sweet finds right out of the gate and now my delight in finding pull tabs, rusted UMO’s (unidentifiable metal objects), and foil is wearing thin. I can feel the seas of change tugging at my beard. The cold winter winds howling for surrender….Never! I have not yet begun to dig.

Renewed Fervor

I will not let one outing with a goon of a friend….yea, I’m looking at you Beach Muscles….#worsthuntplannerever, ruin what has been up to this point an incredibly enjoyable hobby for me. “Come over to my parents place, there used to be an old cabin there.” I told him that would be great because home sites in the woods would help cut down on modern trash and the few finds you do have will most likely be pretty decent.

With all that in mind, I get hit with a little detail that he apparently failed to pick up on over the years… some point this site was a trash dump. I brought an extra detector for him to try out. Between my own struggles and him having a total lack of faith in the machines to find anything we quickly assumed a defeated mindset and walked away. Lets go down to this nearby school and try it out.

I’m Shaving, Beards and Metal Detectors Make People…..Uneasy

This school had an old ball field connected, but a good two to three hundred feet away from the school building. I thought I would downplay any alarm to anyone by going and making the principal aware of my presence. This was probably a mistake. I’m going to have to really dig into the laws and rights and blah blah blah…….Needless to say, we differed on our views of the idea of metal detecting at a school yard. We ended with her making a phone call and letting me know something later on. I didn’t press the issue and decided to find somewhere else to hunt.

Begin demoralization round phase two of the worst hunt I’ve had so far. We probably drove around for a good thirty to forty-five minutes. He thought he knew some places, I thought I knew some places, ultimately we ended up hunting one little itsy bitsy piece of land in the middle of Clarksburg for about ten minutes. I found this dog collar looking thing right here and that was about it. We went back to his parents place and parted ways.

My buddy told me that I ruined metal detecting for him. I explained to him that I loved metal detecting, but that I hated the day with him. “We didn’t metal detect, we just drove around talking about metal detecting, that is why it was terrible.” We parted with a commitment to never attempt the hobby together again.

A Little Ray of Hope

This was the first time I have been out detecting in about two weeks or so and was really not wanting to go back home empty handed. If you hunt, I would liken the experience to going out to your blind or deer lease whatever and coming home to tell your family, nah….nothing this trip. I decided to give it one more go. I went back to my honey hole of sorts. The permission where I pulled my lone civil war relic from.

As soon as I stepped out of my vehicle nature began to take its course. The multiple cups of coffee and fresh pepperoni rolls were making their own plans for my afternoon that didn’t involve sticking around my site for too long.  I made a quick pass through looking for just one good signal. I hit a few high tones that of course had to be aluminum foil and then decided to dig a signal that didn’t sound the greatest just because I was frustrated with the things I was finding.

I pulled out this nice little Indian Head Penny. You can see the first one I found here. I don’t know what it is about them that I like so much, but they are fun to find. This is the third one I have found in my three months of detecting. I have decided to never again bring old Beach Muscles around unless the goal is to quit metal detecting and find nothing of interest… honor of him though I did find a sweet 1978 Incredible Hulk Wallet, well technically he found it…..lying on surface of his “cabin site”.

Terrible Picture, sorry for party rocking

Moral of the Story

If you are taking someone out metal detecting for the first time and trying to introduce them to the hobby and show them that it is worthwhile and exciting and fun…..probably just go to a public park. They will most likely get to dig up some change and have a chance of becoming at least semi interested in the hobby. #Imaynotbethebestrepresentativeofthehobby


Garrett AT Max Update:

Well, the latest news on my new metal detector I’ve been waiting on is not the best news, but at least it is news. Garrett has announced that they will be filling orders after Labor Day Weekend and that it could take several weeks to get the orders filled and shipped out. This is a bit of a let down considering the imagined August release that everyone had been talking about. I write this far removed from the eyes of my trusty old Bounty Hunter. I am pumped for the new one to come and will probably make the switch to attempting some videos when it arrives. Not sure I will be able to bring the same high standard of entertaining and thoughtful commentary across in oratory form as I do here with the power of the board, but we shall see. Thanks for coming by and hopefully going forward I will have fewer run ins with anti-treasure type folks. Happy Hunting and come back soon.

-Capn’ Jeff