Extra! Extra! Dig all about it! Time for the latest and greatest (to date I think) metal detecting stories from your old pal Capn’ Jeff. I don’t even know where to begin. We have a lot of ground to cover and only your limited attention span to do it in. Ha! I kill me. That was a little quote from my favorite Melmacian pal Alf. Enough with the nonsense though. I have for you today “War is Nail” a story of grit, blood, and ignorance. Without any further ado (pull the curtain back) here we go…..

The Morning Was Cool, But I was Cooler

As is becoming routine, I made a stop on my way home from work. As I’ve mentioned before this allows me some time that I would probably otherwise just be looking at the tv before bed while everyone else is asleep. (#nightshiftlife) I showed up and decided to head for right field. I had heard that there were many a Wheaties pulled out of said field……I think I was sold a bill of goods on that one. I found one quarter from 1995 and a penny from 1976.  I’m obviously on the move way more quickly than I should be, but I’m pressed for time and accept the fact that I’m not going to be able to cover it all in one quick morning hunt. I made my way across the field, hoping for anything good.

He Was a Buffalo Nickel, Mud-Locked in the Ball Field (tune of Buffalo Soldier)

I came to centerfield and doubted I was going to hear much of anything. I had a few pieces of chomped up aluminum cans I was finding, but little else. Beep Beep! High ding, that’s all I can describe it as on my Bounty Hunter, it just has a needle and a few knobs. No target ID or anything like that. Now I read that in that hands of pro, the machines without the visual display and pure audio tones are better. This may be true for a veteran, but for a goon like me it is highly frustrating. Just about everything sounds the same, low grunt or high squeak. I want to walk away from the low grunts but then I think every single one is going to be some incredible treasure I wish I had just dug.

This was another low grunt and I almost walked away, but I decided I would go ahead and peel it back and see what I was dealing with. Each one of my plugs are hand crafted. I don’t have a medium sized shovel yet to use for my digging. So every signal I drop to my knees and whip out the old hand digger. I cut this plug about four inches deep and was able to see that dead giveaway of a coin imprint in the dirt on the plugs bottom. I looked in the whole and there sat my little Buffalo Nickel. It was pretty well ate up and I couldn’t get a date, but you can still see the majority of the head and the buffalo.

Friends or Not, There is a War Ahead

I decided I was going to quickly make my way over to left field and wrap this thing little adventure up to go get some sleep. On the way I had a pretty high squeak and figured I better go ahead and get the piece of aluminum can out of the ground. Turned out it was half of an old friendship necklace. It has Genesis 49 on it, a chapter in the bible where Abraham is calling for his sons to unite in love and stick together.

I don’t know if we’ll ever know who holds the other half, cool find though. This was the last of peaceful times though. I marched through left field and found nothing. I was happy for things to be winding down. I headed out the gate of the outfield and towards the bleachers for one last final dig? Everybody else do that? One more dig and then I’m gone kind of thing? It was a lot of low grunts with a little squeak in the midst.

Now the night before I had watched the AT Pro instructional video (hoping that would prep me for my AT Max) and just knew this was a silver signal surrounded by some trashy iron 🙂 I dropped into  my battle stance and prepared for war.

The Battle Raged, There Were Injuries, I May Have Tetnus

I began to dig and realized immediately the grave danger I was in. I had dug right into the heart of rusty jackets nest. Similar to yellow jackets yet much more demoralizing to anyone holding a metal detector in their hands. I pulled out what I presume was the Queen, you will notice she looks nothing like the rest. After this I continued to battle for quite sometime with this army as they rallied round the Queen.

Now there come moments in a man’s life where he has to decide…..am I going to put it all on the line and succeed or am I going to cower and walk away? This day I chose to fight. It became a very personal moment. I wanted to leave, I wanted to sleep, I didn’t want to hear one more signal in this small patch of ground…..and it was still there…..sound. I knew I wasn’t getting out of this easily. I would move some dirt, pull out two or three nails, and recheck the hole with my white’s trx pinpointer. Beep beep beepbeepbeepbeep……..that is the best visual representation I can give you of the audio ratcheting up as it gets closer to the target.

I knew I couldn’t leave, I knew that if I walked away with the ground still singing I wasn’t going to be able to write this article. I could have wrote it, but it would have only added to the crushing blow of not finding the four wheel, and not turning up an old ring at a neighbors house (article in the works). I wasn’t in the mood for another defeat, this time the ground was going to learn just who she was messing with, old Capn’ Jeff.

I suppose I could have chose a more impressive foe, say ground littered with civil war bullets, or old coins; but nay friends my battle was with rusty old nails and I wasn’t going to be denied. By any account this was indeed an epic spill albeit the item was really lame. All total I walked out of that ball field with 35  106 and four pieces of nails in my possession, 107 if you count the Queen. Rest up and recover ball field, you will live to battle another day.

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to come back often or subscribe to hear more of my metal detecting stories and adventures. If you have any of your own that you want to share feel free to do so in the comments. If you want me to come sail the dirt and do a little fishing around your place to pull up a lunker of history let me know. Thanks again.

-Capn’ Jeff