Ahoy friends! Feels like it has been a long voyage across many seas since I last posted…..20 Days gone by, Where ya been Capn’ Jeff? You all probably figured I found the mother load and was already setting cell towers on my private island. You will be wrong in your assumption. I have been pulling my hair out in anticipation of my stinking AT Max. It has gotten a bit ridiculous by now. I pre ordered this thing back in June for an August release. I’m going to give Kellyco one more week to get my unit in the mail. If they can’t make it happen I’ll cancel and get it quicker from a smaller distributor. Alright enough crying about what I don’t have.

I really have got a ton of new permissions just kind of sitting on stand by. I keep wanting to go hit them up, but at the same time I’ve been thinking…..if I just wait on my AT Max when I get in there it will be a much better hunt. Well that has just led to me not getting much hunting done period. In the meantime I just watch other people post their great finds and read about sweet treasures found with metal detectors in articles.

I did manage however to get some time with my niece Alaina on a hunt around her home. We found out that the neighbor just so happened to be in to metal detecting when his wife saw us out in the yard. He told us about the history around the place and it just so happened he was a deacon of a nearby old church and gave us permission to go there. The niece didn’t realize what she was signing up for when she opted to go with me. She hung in there pretty good but she was definitely wearing down around the two hour mark. I felt bad, but I just knew there was going to be something awesome at that old church.

In the end we didn’t really find anything very interesting at the church. I am hopeful and will be making a return trip in the future though. The church was built in the 1800’s, there absolutely must be something worth digging up there. The best find of the day ended up coming from the field below her house. This gas lighting valve was in the field where a garage was built. Doesn’t make a lot of sense being there, but things I find generally don’t make a ton of sense.

Gas lighting was pretty common in the early 1800’s up into the early 1900’s at which point electric was replacing the majority of the gas lighting fixtures in homes. In the hay day of gas lighting though it was the first time that you could have a steady supply of power waiting to use for lighting. This helped move us one more clink down the line of our industrial revolution. We had extra time to use for innovation that wasn’t being spent making candles and rendering oil, or resources saved not buying those products.

A little tidbit for all of my oil and gas friends out there, the first city to receive natural gas via a pipeline was Chicago in 1821 from the fields in Indiana. In this era the gas you were using was usually manufactured right there in your own hometown. The pipeline from the fields was pretty unreliable and most often if not always coal gas was used through the process of coal gasification.

The rest of my crud I arranged into a little smiley face for you, just junk that was dug up and won’t give us false hopes in the future. To my fellow hunters out there, good luck!

-Capn’ Jeff