Ahoy there boys and girls. Welcome back aboard. I have a whale of a tale for you today. Is this metal detecting forum microphone on? I hope so.  I battle DMV robots and find some treasure at the park. The rain has been pretty relentless in these Mountains of late, if ye be the praying type then please keep my fellow Mountaineers lifted up in prayer. Several have suffered great loss due to flooding. This is the second year in a row the Mountain Mama has been rocked with flooding on such a wide scale.

The Privilege of Driving

This morning wasn’t like any other morning. I had a mission this morning….I was going to obtain my license. Now as to the length of time that my license has been in ill repute with the governing officials I shall plead the fifth. The point we want to focus on is that this day I was going to repair the relations between us. Bring myself into good and proper standing with the long arm of the law. This would be my fourth attempt at doing so and I had little love from the folks on the other side of the counter. I hit every snag and brick wall you can think of before this trip and was certain today would be a cake walk. I was incredibly wrong. Not only was it not a cake walk, it wasn’t even a coal walk…..it was more of a sharks with lasers walk. I told the one woman, “This is simply a war of attrition, I will prevail, the system won’t break me, I will get a license.”  I kind of count DMV experiences like treasures themselves. All said this hunt provided 3 DMV robots, 4 trips to the DMV, 2 DOT physicals, a lot of frustration, and one license. I wanted to high five the guy who made my license, but you could just see it in him there would have just been an empty stare when I asked, oh well…..I’m legit now.

All the time spent fooling with the DMV was after a small morning hunt. I decided since I was in the big city I would try out one of the city parks. The DMV didn’t open until 8:30am and I was already in town around 7:00am from coming off of night shift work. I really like these early morning hunts. Not too many spectators, the weather is cool, if I could just find a way to overcome the morning dew. Every morning hunt I end up with a layer of mud caked on me and my equipment. I try to be real diligent with cleaning up my stuff after each hunt, but I’m human and poorly organized so you can guess how some of my gear looks. I wasn’t exactly sure where to start and I knew I was running on borrowed time. I opted for a small patch of area between the basketball court and playground.

Treasure Right Out of the Gate

I came to my first little bippity beep. Nice high pitch and solid. I whip out my pin pointer and it I’m able to get a signal, so now I know it is probably only about 3 inches down. I dig a nice little horseshoe around my target and flap it back. Immediately I see what I thought was a ring. Turns it out it was a couple different pieces or charms on a necklace. It is obviously costume jewelry, but it might not have been. I was pumped anyways, this is my first necklace since I have started dirt fishing. Not to mention this was only the first hole of the day. If this is hole number one, just imagine what the future holds.

Pull Tabs Hold the Future

What kind of cruel world is this? I start out with a necklace and go on to find several pull tabs and a few bottle caps. Trash and more trash. You just can’t escape it. I thought I was going to have a partner around to help my morale but he bailed on me almost as soon as I got hunting. It was some random dog just running around in the park. When I came close he took off though. I thought he might be interested in digging up some targets. Oh well, maybe next time.

Few Coins Farewell

I felt the sun rising little by little. I started to feel the crunch. I knew I needed to get over to the DMV as soon as they opened up, but I also knew I didn’t want to end my day on some crummy piece of garbage. It turned in to one of those, “this is the last hole” six times over type of scenarios. It finally worked itself out though. I thought I was finally pulling out some silver coins, not the case though; just some more clad to go in the collection. Every little bit help is what they tell me. I was just glad to have something besides a pull tab or piece of garbage to leave on. I do like this little park though and I’m sure I will make a return visit in the near future.

Capn’s Got Some Leads

I’m pretty optimistic about my upcoming adventures….I’m trying to dig deeper into my local history to put myself on to some good spots, but then other times history finds you. I’ve got a few treasure leads that I’m excited about following up on. If I have any luck with any of them I will be sure to let you guys know. If you have any old treasure tales, family stories of treasures long lost, jewelry or anything else be sure to drop me something in the comments or send me a message on the Capn’ Jeff Facebook Page or if you don’t care for my adventures and are only out to see me treasures you can follow me on Instagram.

Whatever you do jut be sure you come on back to old Capn’ Jeff’s Treasure Chest, your friendly metal detecting forum where you can keep up with my adventures and share your own. God bless and adios burritos!