Ahoy mates! Capn’ Jeff here and welcome back to another installment of my adventures into the great unknown of the great below. We set out with high hopes metal detecting for the moon. If we miss we’ll find the stars. Who is this we? On this particular hunt I was joined by my good buddy the CodeMan. We were lucky enough to have some time to kill in the morning and met up at a permission that hasn’t been detected before. The finds were less than great for sure, but we had a good time.

He Had a Hunch

I was eager to get in there and just start popping up mercs left and right. I had the old tumbler packed to the rim with coffee and the sun was out. The question for me was just where to start. The CodeMan had a good feeling about a tree at the front of the property. We made our way over there and started swinging the old beeping staff. I turned up one beep that turned out to be the hood of a matchbox car.  With that being said I think it is safe to say that we won’t be listening to anymore of his hunches.


Time to move over to the side porch, bound to be plenty of treasures there. I found a few nails as usual for good measure then popped up a ring. Well the remaining portion of a ring. Lucky for me it wasn’t one of those giant diamond rings; it was a mood ring. Not old, not valuable, just the way I like to keep my finds for now; keep a bit of a low profile you know.

1930’s Spoon and A Cat Eye

Two of the mentionable metal detecting finds for the day I found were my spoon and my marble. The spoon is a vintage Racebrook Silverplate circa 1930’s. The marble is a good old cat eye….I say old, but I don’t know if it is old or new, and haven’t had the chance to search it out real far yet, I’ll have to get back to you. Both finds are interesting none the less and so the collection grows.

The “MoonEyes”

The next find was unfortunately the best of the day. I went out hunting for the moon. I didn’t find the moon, but I did find it’s eyes. This little guy here is glad to be back top side and driving around again. He was shortly accompanied by a motorcycle. I think that makes like seven or eight toy vehicles so far. I know they aren’t worth anything, but there is just something cool about pulling them out and wondering who lost them. I really can’t wait until I find some really historic toys, that will be a great moment for me.

The rest of the hunt was uneventful to most, but highly entertaining to the CodeMan and myself. I found my first two Wheaties during this portion of the hunt. I know they aren’t that big of a deal, but everybody has to start somewhere right? I know people find tons of them, but these are my first two and I’m glad to have them. They can go along with my buffalo nickel and my Indian Head Penny….really thought I would have found more coins of interest by now, but alas the search continues.

It did become incredibly entertaining though as we decided to cover a small little 8’x4′ area around one of the porches before heading out. Both of us needing to be heading home and getting some sleep continued to call for the last hole, but almost every beep was another penny. He ran the beeping staff and I worked the pointer and digger recovering as many targets as we could at the end of the day. I’ll have to look, but I think it was 15 pennies, but that was in a really short time frame. We quickly made a game of guessing the year before looking. It was indeed a penny parade.


Hone Your Craft Kemosabi

I’ve been coming across some very good sources lately for honing my craft. I’ve picked up a couple of books from the local library just covering some of the basics of metal detecting and some pretty crafty ideas of coming up with some spots that can give me a high percentage chance of decent treasure. Speaking of books I will be receiving a book by Dick Stout in the mail any day now. You can see his stories and obvious credentials at https://stoutstandards.wordpress.com

I’ve also had the good fortune of meeting one of those people that is just a wealth of local historical knowledge. I’m trying to stick with the idea that you don’t have to go to the ends of the world to find treasure. I’m going to be following up on some good leads and hopefully with a bit of charm land some promising new permissions. With any luck this will eventually lead to me getting my first silver find.

Well, thanks for coming and checking out the site, be sure to check back often as I’ll be adding new metal detecting stories as I’m able to get out and enjoy this new hobby. If there is anything you have a question about, or think would help make the site a better experience just let me know in the comments. As always if you have any metal detecting stories of your own to share or treasure tales fire away.