Gimme da loot! Gimme da loot

Loot, booty, treasure, my precious; whatever the term it all means the same thing. This is the page and place to share your best finds. I want this to be a community where like minded seekers and diggers can come and swap stories, tips, and secrets. This page here though is all about the pay out. What is your best find? Put up a picture for everybody else to see in the comments section.

I am but a novice, but as soon as I have some finds I will put them up here. That is part of the reason for creating the site, to remedy my novice condition by engaging the rest of the metal detectors out there in cyberspace. I am going on vacation soon (August) so I hope to have more to add by then.

Go ahead and show us your coins and goblets of gold, we won’t steal them; Cap’n Jeff’s honor.


photo credit: Theo Crazzolara <a href=”″>Chocolate coins</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>