In this article I will be doing a review on the treasure tracker metal detector by Scientific Explorer. This is a metal detector made specifically for children. It says six and over on the box but I don’t see any harm in starting them a little younger, once assembled there are no choking hazards. (Daddy instincts kicking in)

In the Box:

One search coil with flip up light up LCD screen.

One handle attachment

One handle extension

Two Locking Rings

One Instruction Manual

Power Source:

One 9V battery (not included)

Battery Life indicated on the back lit LCD screen when the unit is powered on


Length: 31″ assembled at full length, 15″ with handle and extension removed for tight quarters detecting

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Material: ABS and PP plastics


Two knobs on each side of the detector. One to control the volume and power, the other to control sensitivity.

Back lit LCD screen that displays a text message of “searching” or “found” depending on whether or not you are receiving a signal at that time.

Ease of Use:

This product ranks high on the charts of “ease of use” and seeing how it is aimed at children I would certainly hope so. Assembly takes about three minutes depending on how long it takes you to round up a 9 volt battery and remove the battery cover panel off of the back with a phillips head screwdriver. The locking nut with threads on both ends attaches to the handle. The handle extension goes into that locking nut and then through the other locking nut into the receiver on the detector, then tighten the locking nut down to keep it in place. Voila, you are ready to turn it on and get to hunting.

Personal Experience:

My mother-in-law got this for my daughter. I hadn’t given it a lot of thought in quite a while and it was collecting dust in the garage. Then I flared up with the desire to get into the detector life and low and behold I recollected this little baby right here was outside. So I dusted her off and decided to see what it could do. I’m a little nervous to find out. I have seen several mixed reviews online, it seems like people love this thing or hate it. I have seen people say that they couldn’t find anything included objects covered by a single leaf, and then I have seen reviews claiming the children loved it and found multiple coins.

So which is it? Stud, or dud? I will tell you momentarily.

The Silly Stuff in Life

Well, at first I was about to throw the silly thing over the hill. I could not get it to work at all. The battery that was in it kept flashing low. So I took out the battery and put it another battery, no dice at all. Ok I thought that must just be a bad battery. I grab the next one and still no dice. I put the old one in and it fires right up but continues flashing low battery. This Abbot and Costello bit when on for quite a while until it dawned on me what was going on. The connector for the positive side had pulled off and was inside the low battery. That is why none of my other brand new batteries were working but that one would.

I cleared that hurdle and started messing around with the thing outside. I did some tests and it was picking things on the surface up fine, but as soon as I put a little bit of ground covering over them I wasn’t getting anything. I thought wow, what a piece of junk. Just a little bit of dialing in with the sensitivity knob though and it performed ok. I’m not going to pretend this is a game changing product, but I do think it is fine for a child interested in getting started. I like it for my daughter because it actually fits her. My detectors are lightweight and adjustable, but not that adjustable. With that being said I give it a 3 out of 5, and say go for it for the younger crowd.