Ahoy their mates and welcome back for another addition of my metal detecting stories. This one was a good time as we had some gold found….by my stinking mother in law…found an old toy of my father-in-law’s and I got myself inducted unofficially into the boy scouts.

I will run these down in order of least exciting to the most exciting. I will start with the toy and end with my induction. You would probably imagine the gold would be the most exciting, but you will come to see that it really isn’t and that would be highlighting the achievements of another above my own and we just simply aren’t going to have that on my ship 🙂 (I kid I kid)

Dodge Challanger

I put forth a motion to elevate toy cars to the same level as baseball and apple pie. It seems like everywhere I dig, I find toy cars. This property is of course the same. How many heart broken little boys are there in the world? How many men still carry the sting of losing that first car in the mud?

My father-in-law no longer has to carry that pain around with him. Just look at the joy him and his old man are having cleaning up that ride together. This is the cool part about metal detecting. Finding things that you can tie directly back to the owner. I of course like finding much older stuff, but being able to see somebody’s reaction to  you pulling up a piece of their personal history is pretty cool.

The Pendant

I wish I had a way to figure out who the owner of this pendant was and return it to them. So far I don’t have any real leads. It was found by my mother-in-law in Nutter Fort, WV. She can sometimes be spotted as a sidekick to myself calling out for me to bring my pin pointer over to her…..the struggle is real. This is who I have to set sail with across the dirty landscape to adventures unknown. #Plankwalkinherfuture

I shared this on my Facebook before and the best guess I have is that it was from Washington Irving High School. WI as it is generally called. There are a million different ways it could have ended up where it did, but I don’t know which one it would be. If you were ever in the Arbutus area of Nutter Fort and lost a 1967 senior pendant from WI fill the rest of us in please. In any case my mother-in-law was pretty pumped to find something gold and encouraged her a little bit. She has been pretty constantly digging 6″ deep 1980’s pennies and getting a little bummed.

Welcome to the Boy Scouts

First I want to thank all the great men who have gone before me and made this organization one of the finest in our land. From the life lessons you teach our children, to the practical knowledge of knots and our land…..(random crew member informs the Capn’ he is not actually in the Boy Scouts)……well that is unfortunate. I thought all it took was my membership token. Turns out my token is nothing more than a crummy commercial. As I was cleaning it up and piece by piece was becoming more clear, I thought of “Be sure to drink your ovaltine.”

I will give you all the background information on this token, begrudgingly. The Excelsior Shoe Company like the good little capitalists they were seized on the Boy Scout movement of 1910 as an opportunity to haul in some profits. From 1910-1914 they produced these tokens along with some specific “Boy Scout” shoe. The same as Nike has the “Jordan”. They would tie these tokens to the shoes. There are some sterling silver medals out there that were given to a scout master if he had his whole troop purchase the Boy Scout shoe from Excelsior Shoe Company.

The token has a boy scout on a horse on one side and a swastika with other good luck emblems on the other side. This was pre-Hitler so the swastika was still a cool symbol for good luck and not despised. There is a four leaf clover, a horse shoe, and some Egyptian hieroglyphics. The hieroglyphics tell the story of using irrigation to grow wheat, make bread, and feed others.

Rest of the Haul

Very little of interest outside of the aforementioned goods. I did find one wheat penny. Silver coins still elude me and I’m sure there isn’t’ a great demand for people wanting stories about a guy finding modern pocket change. My daughter finds change and she doesn’t even have to dig it up. Little goon found almost two dollars in the change return of a pay phone. Yes, a pay phone. I am thinking I will do a post about the big money coins that can be found in your modern pocket change though. I know there are plenty of lists out there, but I figure one more can’t hurt.

That does it for this adventure. I’m still anxiously pacing around checking my email from kellyco telling me that my AT Max has shipped. Silver coins will dig themselves up in fear when that bad boy gets here. What to call it? Time to read some pirate history…..they probably weren’t cool enough to nickname their swords so I may just have to wing it. Alright be sure to come back by and check me out sometime.

-Capn’ Jeff