This will be a pretty standard and straight forward post, as the name implies I will be taking you through my Bounty Hunter Tracker II review. The specs and all that jazz that is available to everyone, and my own personal thoughts and reflections, both good and bad.  Without any further ado, may I present to you……I can’t do it, you know what I wanted to say right there because it rhymed but it was simply too much, lets get on with the post.

Bounty Hunter Tracker II

Amazon Product description

The Tracker II is one of Bounty Hunters classic metal detector packages, but with completely redesigned graphics package and electronics for the best features and Tracker II combines the ease of automatic ground balancing with manual settings for some of the most challenging types of soil. Whether sifting through the sandy beaches for lost items or searching for silver, the Tracker II can do it and manual ground balance for all ground conditions. Easy to understand operation gets you started right away. Two-tone audio feedback so you can discover valuables and discard unwanted items. Headphone jack with 1/4″ plug can be used with most headphones. Key Features:7″ Coin Depth Detection 2′ Large Object Detection 2 9-volt Batteries Required Intensity Meter Preset Ground Balance User-Controlled Ground Balance Motion all-metal Progressive Discrimination Two-Tone Audio 7″ Closed Waterproof Coil

Price Tag

Just shy of 100$


Length: Adjustable from 44″ to 51″

Weight: 4.3#


Personal Experience With This Hog

I use this thing right now and I am totally satisfied with it. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to try to work through to understand. I’m not confused by it, you can basically pick this thing up out of the box and start swinging with it. I am not some high level expert with years of experience. I am a newbie in this hobby and just trying to give other people starting out an honest opinion of the machine. The ease of use is way up there, the knobs are in no way over complicated.

The discrimination and sensitivity can be adjusted to drown out iron or trash signals as you see fit. I generally don’t play with them too much because I am too worried that I’m going to miss that once in a life time find. The ground balance can be dialed up and down depending on the ground you are hunting be it sand, clay, or red clay. It will take the background interference of the minerals in the soil out for you.

How Deep Though?

I’m sure there are machines out there that can go much deeper than this unit. With that being said, for my first metal detector I’m happy with this machine and it’s abilities. I have pulled targets out in the eight to ten inch range with no problems. I’m confident it could go a little deeper, but I just don’t think I have come across such a treasure yet. I will certainly update this review if I do.

I have found multiple coins with this machine in the small amount of time I have been using it. I also found my Indian Head Penny 1888 with this machine. It hasn’t led me astray very many times. If it starts signaling you can be sure you’ve got some metal close at hand.

Problems With The Bounty Hunter Tracker II

My issues with this unit are as follows:

  • I want more bells and whistles; as I say this is a good starter machine, but it leaves a little bit to be desired in this digital age
  • No digital display of any kind. I also have a Discovery 1100 and it at least has digital display, this is a big let down for me. For some reason I still continue to use the Tracker II and I don’t know why
  • Not waterproof…..The rain can wreck your whole hunt


This is a good starter. If you have someone interested in trying out the hobby. Do not buy this for someone who has already been metal detecting for a while. They are going to be left in that awkward position of trying to thank you for there gift while simultaneously trying to figure out how to get rid of it. As previously mentioned with the lack of digital features most people are going to want a better unit, but if you are just interested in dabbling and looking to get your foot in the door this is a fine unit. Everybody has their first bike, it may not be the best one on the market, but it always has a special place in your heart.