All my trash and modern coins

Ahoy there boys and girls! Your old pal Capn’ Jeff here with another story from the treasure hunting world for you. Now it has been a minute or two since my last tale. Why? How could it be that I haven’t posted in a few weeks? The answer is bow season. I know most pirates don’t double as hunters, but I wear many hat; I simply don’t wear them very well. That is why I’m still taking my time off and heading to my blind and not doing much treasure hunting.

Recently I did have a chance to go to a place or two and do some digging. I tried out a new place and went back to the place I found my first silver coin of my treasure hunting adventures. I was expecting nothing less than mason jars full of old coins from the new place and looking for some more silver from the place that produced before.  I wasn’t totally disappointed for the day, but I didn’t find any mason jars.

I showed up to my new spot with high hopes. The morning air was crisp and the lawn was soft. Pulled the AT Max out of the truck, threw my gear on, greeted my new permission’s owner and got right to digging. Boom, boom, boom…..three wheat pennies in a row. This is a great sign, there is bound to be some silver lying around this yard.



Beeping Staff Down

Shortly after finding my three wheat pennies I began to push the trash to treasure ratio back to the sky with multiple pieces of garbage. The weird thing was how odd my detector was behaving while finding them. I know in my last post I mentioned being unsure of whether or not I have a lemon of a beeping staff, but this time it was different. This is when I noticed the little battery indicator and recalled the manual saying to replace them when the bar gets down to one. I searched the truck, I texted a nearby friend……this was a post work hunt and I knew that if I drove back to the house I would be too tired to journey out again.

Sausage Making Clasp

After not finding any way to get a fresh set of batteries at my current location (I wasn’t going to try and bum batteries off of the land owner), I did the only sensible thing one could do….I put the old batteries back in and dealt with it. This made for about another twenty minutes of frustrating hunting that I decided to end on when I found something that I thought may be of some significance. I cleaned it up and it was no longer an orange hue, but kind of looking shiny. My immediate thoughts flooded with how it was probably some silver something or other, not a stinking sausage clip for tying off your tubes of homemade sausage. Oh well, the hunts will continue until the treasures flow.

Old Reliable

Fresh batteries for the old girl, a fresh new day, and off to the big city of Stealey. It was just starting to get daylight when I began the search and a lot of folks were going by taking their kids to school. A police officer came slow rolling by and I thought I was in for another conversation with the cops. Everybody kept their itchy phone fingers in their pockets this time around and I never saw any cherries and berries.

This little yard is tiny, but it is littered with tons of targets. I pretty much dig them all, most of them being cans and pull tabs. I nearly gave up and decided to come home empty handed (not counting my trash and clad), told myself I would just take another ten minutes worth of digging. Glad I did, up came my first Mercury dime. This is only my second dug silver so I’m still pretty shocked at how well preserved they come up out of the ground. Needless to say I was pumped and you can bet I’ll be going back at some point in the future.

First Mercury Dime!

The Force Unearthed

Star Wars Action Figure Helmet

I used to be a pretty big Star Wars fan back in the day. I would probably still watch any of the first six if they were on TV, I guess I haven’t given the most recent films a chance. The earth must have recognized my bias for the older movies. This was a bonus find, the bonus finds can be just as much fun as anything detected. Bonus finds would be anything that you dig up that isn’t metal while in pursuit of your target. I have found a few glass marbles, other people have found arrowheads, and I have recently just found this little beauty……….a Star Wars helmet. I’m thinking this is what was worn by Rebels on Hoth….maybe? Please let me know if I’m mistaken.

That about does it for this adventure, hope you like my junk and my few little treasures. If you find yourself sitting around bored and looking for a hobby that won’t cost an arm and a leg get yourself a beeping staff and find that silver and gold. Good luck.

-Capn’ Jeff