Hi everybody, I’m Jeffrey. Thanks for coming to the metal detecting treasure site. I’m a novice myself and I hope this website will be helpful and enriching to me as much as it is to you. I want to share stories, tips, gear review, links to metal detecting groups and pretty much anything pertaining to the hobby. If you have got the itch, then lets dig the ditch.

I got hooked when I saw one of my old football coaches standing alone in a yard with a metal detector and his headphones on. I couldn’t tell you why. It just hit me all of the sudden. I had felt the treasure hunting urge building though based off all the youtube videos I had been watching. Magnet fishing is just about as cool as dirt fishing in my opinion.

I was born and raised in good old West Virginia. We don’t have a lot of activities per se that aren’t in some way shape or form connected to the outdoors. I suppose sitting inside watching sports is fun sometimes, or going somewhere to eat, other than that you won’t find much to go “do”. That is why we moutaineers tend towards the woods and nature. We have a lot of game to hunt and there are plenty of places to go fishing. You could find yourself white water rafting, zip lining, or taking a drip trip in a kayak. I prefer to spend my time digging in the dirt. Well, I don’t want to put on airs for all you guests of mine. AS I said before, I am but a novice. You friends and fans are going to change all that though. We are going to take this little website and turn it into the Eastern Hub for all things metal detecting and treasure hunting.

I have to thank my mother-in-law for getting me started into metal detecting. She would diligently come dragging her metal detector out and start beeping around the yard. I would simply shake my head or poke fun at her. What did she really think she was going to find? Now that I’ve gotten into the hobby myself I realized you don’t really have to find anything to have a good time. You just need to have the right outlook. You are spending sometime outdoors away from electronics. (except maybe your metal detector and a phone or camera to record your finds) A nice dig in the soil can be pretty relaxing, if you are in a good area. I have a tendency to only get beeps in the worlds most absolutely ridiculously hard clay. I’m looking to upgrade my digging gear soon and will leave a review of what I get and how it works out for me for you all to see.

Right now I’m using the Bounty Hunter Tracker II metal detector that I picked up at a yard sale. One thing about me is that I’m a pretty big cheapskate. I don’t like to spend a bunch of money on things if I don’t have to. Then again I suppose you get what you pay for. So as I buy things and try them out I will let you know if they are any good, and if any of you already know what’s good out there in the world of dirt fishing feel free to pay it forward. I hope you the readers enjoy your visit here at the metal detecting forums. If I can do anything at all to better accommodate you and enhance your experience on the website please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best wishes to each of you out there as you hit the dirt running. I hope you find a horde or an old civil war stash. If nothing else; I hope you enjoy yourselves and the experience. Live in the moment and breathe in the little bit of serenity that comes as your digging down for treasures unknown.

With that being said, if you need anything at all feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail at capnjeff@metaldetectingforums.org