Hello again, and welcome back. I did some detecting over the past week and I thought I would share my adventures with you. This little friendly metal detecting forum tale is spun and crafted by none other than…..you guessed it, Ol’ Capn’ Jeff. I’m thrilled you can be here and hoping to have more treasure and stories for you in the future. As I get them, rest assured, you’ll be the first to know.

Metal Detecting is for the Byrd’s

I suppose I must first and foremost give a thanks to my wife’s cousin and her dad for letting me come out and detect in their area, as well as the neighbor who gave us permission to check out his land. We dropped our youngest daughter off for a day with her grandparents and drove thirty minutes or so away to our destination. (You know I’m going to be all secret and clandestine with where that place is, just the nature of the beast my friends. You think I want detectorists from all over the country showing up and horning in on my rusty nails?) Without any further ado, thanks Ashley Byrd and father, and neighbor Mike.

We set out on the trail with high hopes. Knowing it was going to be a good outing. We weren’t going to let a little thing like 95 degree heat and amazing humidity slow us down. It was gut check time. You have no history on this spot, you have no clue if it will produce anything good or not, are you ready to detect? Well as a matter of fact we were. The journey was under way and there was no turning back.

Gates and Graves

My wife and cousin were determined to get back to a grave site that they had a near death experience at 16 years ago. Now my exaggeration levels can only be rivaled by my wife. I have probably heard this story twenty times or better. They were at the grave site “exploring” and noticed a horse, donkey, and pony at the bottom of the hill. The horse began to sprint at them at which point my wife sprinted into the woods to hide behind some sapling sized trees. Her cousin bolted away, and her Mom stuck around to calm the animals down. Needless to say they survived this horrific incident and we went back to help them face their fears. 

I thought in my head I might be able to find some things dropped around the gate entrance area to the grave yard from funerals over the years. Basically all I ended up find up on the hill were a few pieces of barbed wire and a 30-30 casing. On the positive side of things, I did get the metal detector in my wife’s hands. One step closer to getting her into the hobby. She didn’t find anything, but it wasn’t a very good spot to search. Everything was overgrown, was just a shot in the dark really. When we got back to the bottom of the hill the neighbor let me detect where an old house had once stood and I was primed for silver coins to just come shooting up out of the ground.

Little Kids and Lightning Rods

I love when I get the chance to get my daughter to “treasure hunt” with me. I’m hoping she continues to enjoy going with me. She doesn’t really last that long given the fact that it has been roasting hot every time I take her and she is only six, but it is a lot of fun. One thing I worry about any time I do anything is balance of time. I struggle to get things balanced out. God, family, fun and hopefully in that order is the desired priority order. Sometimes I do alright other times not so much. Anytime I can combine any or all of them in one activity even better. 

The picture you see is my daughter, and Ashley’s daughter (2nd cousin to my daughter?) with me coming down the hill from the grave yard. I was just randomly swinging the old beep staff hoping against hope and got a decent sounding beep. I think it rang up like a 65 or so on my mother-in-law’s Garrett Ace 200 I had borrowed for the day. (At this point I still didn’t have mine back from the four wheeler piece search) This was just a random bullet along the hillside, not old or anything, just one deposited by a hunter somewhere along the line. This may not seem like much of a find, but with those two girls smiling away and getting excited to see what it was I count it a win.

The girls headed back while I stayed to detect around the yard of the neighbor where an old house stood before the new one was built across the road. They apparently had quite the adventure of their own with a black snake from all the yelling and laughing I heard. I started digging and with my second hole pulled this piece off of a lightning rod out. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was but Mike happened to just pull in on his tractor and wanted to know if I found anything. He quickly pointed out what it was and then motored on to load up some more hay.

Santa Rides a Motorcycle?

The rest of my hunt was pretty uneventful. I found a lot of trash and nails as usual. I found a few pennies, but nothing old. Towards the end I found two items that I thought were pretty cool, but I didn’t have a clue what either one of them were for. I thought I would ask Mike, but I didn’t see him again and it was getting incredibly hot and I decided to head back. I thought I had a flattened out earring of some sort, and an emblem off of a piece of farm equipment.

My sister and the internet were able to point me in the right direction. I had the top of a Christmas bulb that was flattened out, and I also found a Driver and Mechanic Badge Metal bar. The metal bar was Driver-M to denote a motorcycle specialist in the armed forces. I haven’t had a chance to go back and ask Mike if he or his father had lost this (didn’t think to when I was there because I had no clue what it was) but I will be sure to update the post when I do. 

Conclusatory Conflagerations

I had a good time on this hunt and am hopeful to find out some more about who lost this military metal bar for the driver and mechanic badge. Most of all though I enjoyed having my wife and daughter out there with me. It is always more fun when they come along. I just need to get the wife to find a few good beeps of her own so she catches the fever 🙂 One more thanks to the Byrd’s and be sure to check back in……still planning on going to visit them in Florida for a little beach hunting.